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Delivery time: International Europa 10 working days. Color differences to the picture in the offer and the original article possible! All items are for cutting. Please note the sizes and shapes of the sticker and linen items offered. Please measure the parts you wish to be glued before purchasing. It is not possible to change the sticker and linen articles in form and size afterwards. A complaint due to wrong size and shape only possible if the dimensions of the given deviation (for example, in the offers the following sentence: Size:..... if necessary a deviation of 2mm possible) in the description of the offer exceeds or falls below Is. Please clarify your required sizes before purchasing. Because the stickers are not necessarily suitable for overgluing a printed motif or for overgluing an old sticker. Please remove the old sticker or paint a printed motif with a suitable color.
Respect; All offered items should only be used by adults or under the supervision of an adult, as it is necessary to have a very good paper, or Material scissors. The articles are not suitable for people who are not proficient in handling scissors and do not have the help to process the articles.
We therefore ask you to consider this before purchasing. For further information we are available at the email address bastelvalotte@unitybox.de.
Article motifs are protected by copyright!
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Price changes and errors reserved, illustrations similar.
Offer valid as long as stock,
Interim sale reserved.
Our general terms and conditions apply.
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